BALANCE – jewelry collection 

 Balance is about versatility and bold expression. A unique and refreshing jewellry collection. The collection has a graphic playful personality that celebrates silver’s natural qualities.  Contemporary Scandinavian design, handcrafted with over 150 years of silversmithing heritage, entirely designed and handmade in Bergen, Norway.

“This is our first jewellery collection and our first design in silver, but our approach remained the same. We believe that design should add beauty in the everyday; not just for the special occasion. Our collaboration with ARVEN has been about achieving just that; style with a timeless quality, a playfulness with splendor. Created in truly special conditions, with ARVEN’s workshop only a few cobbled streets away from our studio. Having the ability to sit with ARVEN’s craftspeople, to see our design take shape in the hands of incredible silversmiths and to join the list of ARVEN’s collaborators is very special.” – Vera & Kyte

“Working with Vera & Kyte has been refreshing, approaching silver in an unconventional way. Challenging us with both aesthetic and functionality. The clasp for example is a whole new idea. It has been demanding to make the 130 cm long hose chain work in the way Vera & Kyte had imagined, but our jewellers have solved this brilliantly. We have gone through many exciting rounds, trying out many different techniques in this collection. We are very proud of the result. It has been a great inspiration for ARVEN to work with Vera & Kyte. We love it when tradition hits innovation.” – ARVEN

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Collection: ‘Sling Necklace’, ‘Twin Ring’, ‘Trapeze Necklace’, ‘Beam Bracelet’ and ‘Pop Earrings’

Materials: 925 silver & gemstones – yellow quarts, light green quarts, rose moonstone

Handmade in Norway