DIS – Ocean

Doormat collection

The Dis collection has been inspired by the soft colours of the landscape in the morning haze (‘dis’ in Norwegian). In reflecting the natural hues of the landscape, Dis showcases a rich colour palette at your feet, fading to lighter shades in the distance. The colours are continually changing in a broad scale that improves the mat’s natural ability to get rid of grit and dirt. The mat quite simply makes everyday life easier.

Dis Ocean reflects the colors of the North Sea from dark blue through emerald the a light mint hue of a foaming wave.

Materials:  All Heymat’s designs are made from hard-wearing industrial-quality materials with exceptional absorption capacity. The pile is made from 50% recycled material, while the rubber is 30% recycled.

Dimensions: 150 x 85 cm | 115 x 85 cm | 60 x 85 cm

Shop: Heymat