Felt Tile Patch

Highly versatile sound absorbing tiles for a uniquely flexible suspension system.

 Create a patchwork reminiscent of urban landscapes. A city seen from above, blocks of housing, brickwork, tiling or facades. The asymmetric tiles open for a range of formations and associations. A visual landscape to let your eyes rest and absorb that disturbing background noise.

Dimensions: H450mm, W570mm, D10mm.

Material: Really – Acoustic Textile felt  | Demario – Acoustic Wool Felt.

One of the reasons why we found this project intriguing was the passion Rom and Tonik  show for what they do. It is interesting to see the values of R&T reflected in the way they work, and how their honesty and ethics influence the entire design process.  When they first reached out we saw the potential of the fundamental principles in the suspension system. The challenge was to find a form with a unique expression that is also adaptable to a large variety of spaces and styles. We had to make sure that the core sound absorbing properties were maintained. We aimed to create a large spectrum of expressions with a simple and elegant shape and found the right rhythm with our first collections ‘Slanted ‘and ‘Patch’.  – Vera & Kyte 

Order through Rom & Tonik

Made In: Norway and Denmark