‘Drawings Upon Framework’ Furnishing Utopia exhibition 2019

Modernists broke with convention creating their own set of rules and frameworks to drive innovation and experimentation in the pursuit of an ideal that better reflected the realities and values of modern life. Inspired by the modernists approach these three prints reflect upon a conceptual framework of our own design practice and process.

The ‘Formwork’ trio is a simplified representation of the creative process through three stages. ‘Fromwork – map’ shows the initial research phase. A selection of outlined forms collected to draw up the base of the framework. ‘Formwork – interpret’ sees these forms reinterpreted and systemised gaining character and value through color and texture. ‘Formwork – experiment’ is a single example of a multitude of possible expressions, constructions or ideas that can be formed within this framework. A set of of building blocks for experimentation.

Through our first hand encounter with the Herman Miller and Cranbrook Museum archives we found that the works of Irving Harper, Alexander Girard, George Nelson and Ruth Adler particularly inspiring. Their colorful and experimental expression carry a sense of bold optimism that resonates with us.

Material: Digital print on paper.

Dimensions: 500 x 500 mm

Limited Edition

Project: Furnishing Utopia