This slow brew coffee set was created as part of an “Ideal Lab” workshop “Replanted Identity”. Our case was the coastal city of Florø, Norway.

Norway is one of the largest subsea nation in the world today. The future of the subsea sector is exciting particularly because of its potential applications to neighboring fields such as the marine sector, maritime industries and underwater mining to mention a few. One of the largest challenges facing the expanding subsea sector in Norway will be recruitment. The industry is already and must in the future increasingly look for personnel abroad and from other specialized fields. This trend is already clearly visible in the  offshore-municipality of Flora which is at the top of the norwegian statistics for labor migration. The large offshore related industry in Florø attracts and depends on workers from all over the world and in this way changes the social landscape of the city. These workplaces were according to the immigrants we met the most important arena for socialisation and integration into the community.

Subsea Coffee is designed as a low threshold meeting point between the local community and its new inhabitants. To represent the future identity of Florø we have applied the hyper functional aesthetics of subsea constructions to this tableware. We decided to work with the slow brewing of coffee as a means of taking time for social interaction. We picture this social brewing ritual being implemented as a natural part of the everyday workflow. An arena to establish a more personal relation to co-workers that can go beyond the workplace.

Components: Tray, coffee cups, milk jug, sugar bowl, coffee pot and coffee dripper.

Material: Porcelain and lacquered metal. The prototype is 3D printed.